About Coach Matt

E&M Performance Training is owned and operated by Coach Matt Patterson, a United States Marine Corps Veteran and Wilmington University Alumni of Sports Management major, who has created a basketball training and fitness business to help athletes of all ages achieve their long-term goals.
Coach Matt has dedicated his career life to his passion in basketball and a healthier lifestyle. In doing so, he has grown to be successful basketball coach with two championship appearances; one where his high-school level team went 13-1 during the season and won the championship in 2016.
Throughout his basketball career, Coach Matt has worked with athletes at all levels. In 2019-2020, he coached at Wilmington University as an assistant / player development coach for the D2 program of the school. He helped lead the team into the playoffs. On that team was the leading scorer of all time in the school's history.
Coach Matt has worked with and learnt from many coaches across the world:

-Don Showalter - USA Basketball

-Phil Handy - Los Angeles Lakers Assistant / Player Development Coach

-Billy Lang - Former Philadelphia 76ers Assistant Coach

-Robert Smith - NBA / Overseas Player Veteran

-Bob Hurley Sr. - Hall of Famer

-Dan Burke - Wilmington University Head Men's Basketball Coach

-Vernon Dupree - Wilmington University Assistant Men's Basketball Coach

-Dwight Burke - Former Overseas Player and Varsity Head Coach of Smyrna High School Girls' Basketball Team

-K.J. Smith - Unifacisa Pro Basquet (Brazil NBB, D1) Assistant Coach