Improve Your Basketball Skills at Any Level

Explore our basketball packages

Learning any type of sport takes years of dedication. If you want to hone your basketball skills, turn to E&M Performance Training. We can train anybody from children in middle school to professional-level athletes.

We'll target various skills that will improve your overall game. We'll also meet you at your gym, so you feel comfortable from the very beginning. To learn more about our basketball packages, contact us today.

If you wish to have a custom package that you do not see available on the site, we will discuss the details of what you would like. The payment for this will vary based on what the client wants. There is no set amount for a specific custom package. Please contact Coach Matt for information.

Choose the right package to meet your needs

Our team understands that everyone has unique needs and schedules. That's why we've created several different packages to choose from:

1 Session:

This is a basic package that is meant to exploit weaknesses to learn what the athlete needs to work on. This can also be a full evaluation. Some film will be provided with this session. $55

3 Sessions:

This is a break-down of hard work and exploited weaknesses to turn into strengths. The athlete will receive film coverage and 1 highlight video. $175

5 Sessions:

We will go over Game enhancement and Skills Enhancement training. These two are broken down between the 5 sessions. The athlete will receive highlight video and also breakdown film instruction. $275

Group Sessions:

Available upon request for up to 12 at once.

Special Monthly Packages:

Monthly packages start at $500. 3-5 Sessions a week including a workout program. The athlete will receive film breakdown and multiple workout highlight videos. We will go in depth with Game Enhancement training and Skills development training.

Virtual Basketball Training

$25 per sessions or $100 for the month

How Many Sessions

Note: Purchase of more than 5 sessions at once is available upon request. For further details, please contact Coach Matt.